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Peter Barta

Péter Barta (ROM)

Péter Barta is a highly experienced management consultant, especially in project management, whose expertise relies on 12 years of work in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

Former collaborator of European institutions such as the European Youth Forum and the Council of Europe, he was involved in monitoring missions in countries such as Mexico, the Palestine, Scandinavian countries, Russia or Macedonia, where he was consultant for the newly-created Ministry of Youth, following the fall of the former Yugoslavia.

After this European period, he collaborated with several companies in the United States, such as the “Academy for Educational Development” and Development Alternative Inc., within the project GRASP financed by USAID.

His mission was to provide technical assistance for local authorities and non-profit organizations. Subsequently, Péter Barta was Project Manager for SMURD Târgu Mureş, where he set up regional training centers and two local SMURD units in the county of Sibiu. He also managed the fundraising campaigns for SMURD, raising the largest amount of money in Romania for the program related to the redirection of 2% of taxpayers’ taxes to a non-profit organization and built a development strategy that lead to the creation of the Foundation for SMURD.

Péter Barta is currently the Executive Director of Post-Privatization Foundation (FPP), a private organization founded by the European Commission and aimed at supporting the development of the Romanian entrepreneurship by means of entrepreneurial education, improvement of the business environment and by supporting the social responsibility of SMEs. Last but not least, he manages a EUR 40-million investment portfolio that includes FPP’s contribution to the Romanian Counterguarantee Fund and several smaller companies.

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